The award consists of various sections which the participants require to plan, complete, record and then following assessment have it signed off. The leaders are there to advise so please ask.


  • Find ideas on or see what is popular locally
  • Agree who with act as your Assessor (not a family member)
  • Complete a programme plan for each section on including your aims and goals


  • Use our Activity Log sheet or Cookery Diary an app or something similar to keep track of your activity for each section
  • Gather additional evidence such as photos, certificates
  • Upload all evidence to


  • Your Assessor must write a short report of what you did, when and where including start and end dates
  • The report can be written in your Duke of Ed booklet, an email, a letter or directly online at


  • must be with a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation (not a business)
  • sports coaching, helping at Brownies, helping in a charity shop, making sandwiches for homeless people, fundraising for a charity, youth club, environmental projects


  • must be a personal challenge and not part of your school timetable
  • playing a musical instrument, cooking/baking, driving, model making, knitting, drawing, jewellery making, photography


  • must be a personal challenge and demonstrate progress
  • swimming, table tennis, walking, cycling, basketball, badminton, tennis, snow sports, athletics, running, keep fit, martial arts, football, rugby, netball

Residential (Gold)

Gold participants are required to spend five days and four nights taking part in a shared, worthwhile activity with people you’ve never met before.


The expedition is the main part of the award for which training is provided as it is critical that participants are competent in the mode of travel. The training provided will cover areas including:

Associated Links

Activity Log Sheet

Cookery Diary